Social Media – Where to say what


One of the most common bits of advice from social media marketing experts is the importance of tailoring the right message for each audience on each platform. From my experience, the brands that Tweet only links to their Facebook updates aren’t going to be overwhelmingly successful on Twitter. Anyone that follows both your Facebook and Twitter account is going to get fed up with seeing the same message twice just on two separate platforms. While at Chick-fil-A I was able to effectively generate content specifically aimed at a particular audience whether it was in the form of a Facebook status update, email blast, in-store signage, or text message blast (we used Boomtext which is wonderful BTW). Certain content was shared on all of those channels but it was adjusted to be unique for that particular communication channel in order to remind users that subscribed to all of our communication options without boring them with the same graphic or 140 character message.

I’m finding this much more difficult to do when attempting to market myself. As you can see, I have a lot of social media accounts and even tools to measure my reach. What accounts do I limit to just personal content and which ones do I use primarily to market myself? Especially Twitter, how much overlap between personal ramblings and job search or industry relevant content is wise?

I realized that if I’m going to market myself as a brand, I need to handle my social media activities like I would for any other brand.

So I sat down and answered these questions:

–          Identify my motivations and goals for each social media site, what’s the ideal end result?

–          What’s my strategic plan for how to achieve those goals?

 –          What checkpoints do I have along the way to track my progress and consider changes that need to be made?

Do you think about this for your personal brand? Where do you draw the lines? 

Like the Stamp Icons on the right? Get them here (minus Instagram, I did that one myself)   The square ones at the top are here.



Recent University of Edinburgh MSc Marketing grad and UNCWilmington Communication Studies alumus. Fascinated by branding, event, social media, and interactive marketing for business. Works at Eleven Mass Media

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