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After some job hunting and career soul-searching, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that my ideal job is at a marketing agency. It’s hard to get a job at a marketing agency without internship or professional agency experience. This poses a problem because I’ve had none. I read a lot of job search advice blogs and websites and somehow came across a list of “Uber” creative resumes.

One of the “Uber Creative Resumes”, the T-shirt Resume

It’s especially important to leave a lasting impression of your creative abilities and personal brand if you’re attempting to get into a creative industry (such as marketing) particularly if there aren’t any job openings posted. I took some serious time contemplating the best (achievable) unique way to display my abilities, experience, and represent my personal brand. Here’s a peak into my thought process…

What am I good at/passionate about that relates to my career goals? Events, social media, relationship building

What is my USP (unique selling point, the thing that sets me apart from my competition)? Well I have a Master’s in Marketing, I’ve lived in the UK and studied with about a million different nationalities, I have loads of Chick-fil-A experience. Oh! I wrote my dissertation on Pinterest, I don’t think many people have done that. My Master’s dissertation on Pinterest was over 3 months spent researching and writing 16,000+ words (over 60 pages) on Pinterest. And I still somehow love the site.

Epiphany: I can make a visual interactive resume on Pinterest, a Pinterest Resume!

Why I think a Pinterest resume is a good fit:

–          Communicates my personal brand because I want to do something involving social media and I know more about it than the average marketing person because I had to for my dissertation.

–          I’ve never seen or heard of anyone using Pinterest for a resume before so it’s unique.

–          The format of Pinterest allows my “resume” to double as a portfolio showcasing some of my graphic design work.

–          Traditional resumes can easily become too wordy and boring so you have to limit what you put on there, a Pinterest resume is much less overwhelming and the viewer can explore pictures accompanied by a max of 500 characters. This allowed me to include volunteer and extracurriculars that weren’t significant enough to earn a spot on my traditional resume but provide some insight into my background.

–          Easy shareability, I just have to include the link in my cover letters or in email correspondence.

–          My pins can link directly to the subject of the pin. For example, I planned a large scale event in 2008 and viewers of that pin can click through to a newspaper article I was quoted in.

I sketched out a basic design format and went to it. There was some difficulty in finding the right images to grab the viewers attention and it’s a work in progress but take a look!

I included a link and note about it in my email to E, my contact at the marketing agency I’ve talked about. She said it was interesting and set me apart from the mass of other unsolicited job seeking emails she receives and even showed it to a co-worker! A positive reaction from someone currently at a place I’d love to work, that’s a solid start.

My Pinterest Resume Homepage

My “Proven Results” board

What do you think? Any suggestions on how to make my Pinterest resume better or other options for a creative resume I should pursue?


Recent University of Edinburgh MSc Marketing grad and UNCWilmington Communication Studies alumus. Fascinated by branding, event, social media, and interactive marketing for business. Works at Eleven Mass Media

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