Introducing: CaptivateQC

I finally landed on a name for my business.

I went through a magazine and wrote down all the words that appealed to me, cut them out, and arranged them on a piece of paper then went through narrowing it down. Started with 58 and ended up finally with one (well two words I guess).

Started with 58

Narrowed it down to 30, then 9

Ta-da! We have a winner!


cap·ti·vate (k p t -v t ). 1. To attract and hold by charm, beauty, or excellence.

OR  2. to hold the attention of by fascinating; enchant

QC is short for Queen City, a nickname for Charlotte. I added it because along with username “Captivate” is already taken on Twitter and other social media platforms. I’m from Charlotte and I’m starting my business here, so it makes sense.

What I’ve done so far:

-Set up a CaptivateQC email and Twitter account

-Written a rough copy of what I want on the website, including a basic outline of my services

-Enlisted one of my very artistic friends to draw up some logo options, hopefully this week

-Reading everything I can find on starting a marketing consulting business, small business social media success stories, and articles about marketing specifically for small businesses

What’s next:

-I’m meeting with one or two graphic design contacts of mine tomorrow to go over a potential referral partnership where I send heavier graphic design work needed by my clients to them. I’m also going to approach them with possibly designing/launching my website. If nothing else, they can give me an accurate quote for how much that would cost. From there I’ll decide whether I can pay/trade with someone to do it or if I need to take it on myself.

-I’m hoping to have business cards designed, ordered, and some semblance of a website up by this time next week

-Pricing. This is a big one. I have to figure out how I can make my services affordable to my target market of small businesses but also generate enough income for me to live on

-Networking with contacts. I’ve started compiling a list of Charlotte area small business owners to talk to. They may turn out to be potential clients, refer me to potential clients, or just provide some insight into how I can better reach clients and meet their needs

-Legal stuff. My Dad owns a LLC and so I’m hoping to pick his brain about the legal mumbo jumbo that comes along with a small business. Tax concerns and the like


So this is it, I’m doing it. I’m excited, scared, and eager to get started. But even being scared is a good thing, it’ll help me think things through thoroughly.

Advice/suggestions are so incredibly welcome.

Recent University of Edinburgh MSc Marketing grad and UNCWilmington Communication Studies alumus. Fascinated by branding, event, social media, and interactive marketing for business. Works at Eleven Mass Media

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3 comments on “Introducing: CaptivateQC
  1. carolinagoober says:

    So totes excited for you! If you need more graphic design or a printing company…I know some people who are in that business 🙂

  2. You are an entrepreneur — you go girl! It will be a lot of work, require a lot of patience, you may shed some tears, but in the end, it is what you put into it. Network, network, network. Remember, you have to crawl before you walk, and you will not only walk, but you will run. All the best with your new venture.

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