Exciting Announcement- New Job!

Well it’s certainly been a hot minute since I posted. I’ve been sort of in limbo, with things very much up in the air since I stopped writing. Last time I posted I was starting CaptivateQC, my own marketing consulting business and doing some part time work with Eleven Mass Media. Well I ended up spending a lot of time with the guys at Eleven Mass Media and in January they asked me to come on full-time.

Business Card Front

My fancy new Eleven Mass Media business card

Why’d I decide to accept the job?

Eleven Mass Media is a small marketing agency here in Charlotte. Allen has a background in marketing, advertising, graphic design, and web development but his most recent experience has been producing really high quality video work. Mike’s been involved in all things web from website development, PPC campaigns, internet positioning, content management system training, to developing strategic marketing initiatives. While I can tell you a little about their backgrounds, I can’t explain how much I’ve already learned from these guys. Eleven works with some clients on a project by project basis and provides full-service strategic marketing for others. The people at Eleven Mass Media and their approach to customizing their services to each client’s needs make it the perfect place for me.

What am I doing there?

I’m their social media and web marketing strategist. While Mike’s dabbled in social media he’s never had the time to fully immerse himself in the social world. The beautiful thing about joining Eleven Mass Media is that I get most of the benefits of being my own boss- flexible schedule, a large role in the decision-making process, and no micro-managing PLUS the opportunity to learn from Mike and Allen’s vast experiences.

Eleven Mass Media Business Card

Hopefully now that I’ve figured out what I’m doing I’ll be posting on here more-  but in the mean time, connect with me via Eleven Mass Media’s social accounts (I am the one running them afterall):


Recent University of Edinburgh MSc Marketing grad and UNCWilmington Communication Studies alumus. Fascinated by branding, event, social media, and interactive marketing for business. Works at Eleven Mass Media

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2 comments on “Exciting Announcement- New Job!
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  2. Beth says:

    Congratulations Kati! That’s fantastic.

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